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service & protection is the main focus!

Homebuyers: Deserve to be treated with respect and protected from all the obsecure lingo used in the market that may not be native to you, when working with a new client i beleive that its not just about finding you a nice home but its about treating every aspect of homebuying as if they all have equal importance such as

COMMUNICATION ( The biggest mistake I see Realtors make with clients is the lack of communication, My feelings are, this is the most important part of a realtors job and also the easiest if you can not take the time to understand and learn how to communicate with your client then please find another job! it is tiring having to Rebuild faith in a client who does not trust me because the last realtor they used should be doing something easier )

PRICE ( All fees accosiated in the homebuying process Inspections, Apprasials, Insurance, Title, Transaction Fees, Etc should all be fit to your clients needs financially)

DATES & TIMES (Dates and times of all scheduled during the transaction should be convienent for all partys involved. Yes, I need to actually put in some time on this and the whole communication thing plays a major roll here.)

THE HOME ( I start with homes as close to all the specifics a client wants in a home and as we move forward we can separate WANTS from the NEEDS )

THE CLIENT IS ALWAYS RIGHT ( Even in this day and age the fact that the client is always right remains true even if they are wrong, as much as I would love to think I do, I will never completly understand all the things that make just some house I am taking you to in to YOUR HOME. All I can do is try as hard as I can )

Good luck and if you read this I hope we get to work together one day